ID Cards Holders

What is an ID card Holder?
Holders are the protector of id cards. They were also known as badge holders, Id card covers or Id card cases. It protects the ID card from getting damaged by any climatic condition or being torn by a child. It works as a shield for the identity card.

How many types of Id card holders are available at Softecsol-Assam?
There are total 5 types of Cardholder/covers/cases available:
Crystal ID Card Holder
Horizontal ID Card Holder
Vertical ID Card Holder
Transparent ID Card Holder
Sticker ID Card Holder

What is the use and importance of an ID card holder?
The id card holder is used to organize the identification card and it is an essential component of an id card as it ensures the safety of the card from any kind of damage. The id card holder/case/cover provided by Softecsol has high durability, which is widely appreciated.