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School Software and
ID Card Accessories Provider

We Are Here for you to provide the Best School Software and ID Card Accessories with Premium Quality, Support and Service.

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School Management Software
School Management Software

ERP/school/college management software take many tasks and do them for you, especially tasks that you do regularly (every day, week, month, or year). To understand it better let’s look at the system’s main functions

ID Card Printing Service
ID Card Printing Service

In addition to ERP Software , Softecsol provides ID Card Printing Services too, ensuring best printing quality with the lowest cost

ID Cards Accessories
ID Cards Accessories

SoftecSol supplies ID Card Accessories such as Lanyard clamps, Dog & Fish hooks, lanyards and ID Card Holders. All the products are available in various types and ranging from the lowest of cost to the highest depending on customer’s requirement. 



Softecsol is your software consultant. After 15+ years of analyzation from end to end we have the best of erp software/ school management software/ college management software with us and we know whom to rely upon and what suits your requirements the best. We have an excellent team having years of experience and who are always ready to assist you for ensuring hassle free administration and improving efficiency and productivity.

Are you still confused? Do check our client list to make yourself free of all doubts!

Client Testimonials

Bramhaputra Electricals
I had a fantastic experience with Softecsol for my ID card needs. Their range of ID card accessories is extensive, and I was particularly impressed with their ID card holder selection. They offer a variety of options to suit different needs, which made it easy for me to find the perfect solution.The multicolored lanyard printing service they offer is also top-notch. The quality of the lanyards is excellent, and the printing is crisp and vibrant. It's a great way to add a professional touch to our organization's ID cards.Additionally, Softecsol's school ID card printing service is a game-changer. They make the entire process easy and efficient. The results are outstanding, and they truly understand the specific needs of educational institutions.Overall, I highly recommend Softecsol for anyone in need of ID card accessories, multicolored lanyard printing, or school ID card printing. Their quality and service are second to none."
Samarjeet Debnath
"Efficiency at Its Best!"Softecsol's Student ID Card system has truly revolutionized the way we manage student identification within our educational institution. These cards are not only professionally designed but also incredibly durable, standing up to the rigors of student life.One standout feature is the integration of QR codes, which enhances security and tracking. This added layer of protection ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to our facilities, providing peace of mind to both students and staff. The cards are also highly customizable, allowing us to include student photos and essential information, making identification swift and accurate.In summary, Softecsol's Student ID Card system has made our campus more secure and efficient while maintaining a professional appearance. It's a valuable asset to any educational institution.
Hema Doley
Best printed I'd card supplier in guwahati, Assam
Jahir hussain
Best School management software and best quality I'd card printing service provider in Assam
Debajyoti Saikia
Thank you Softecsol and team for providing the best lanyard with holder. Very much satisfied and happy with your product. For sure will order in future as well.
Ashley sangma
Best ID service in the North East. They respond to our queries, complaints etc. They also deliver on time and most importantly gives the best quality of products at a very reasonable price. I am very happy with the service they are providing and I'm sure others find it the same as well.
kkhjc pathsala
As a college IT staff member, I've had the privilege of working with Softecsol for several years, and I can confidently say that they provide an outstanding School Management Software and ID Card Printing Service.When it comes to School Management Software, Softecsol offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. The software is not only easy to implement but also highly customizable to suit our college's specific needs. Managing student records, attendance, academic performance, and communication with parents has never been easier. The intuitive interface allows even non-technical staff to navigate effortlessly. This software has undoubtedly streamlined our administrative processes, saving time and improving overall efficiency.In addition to their software, Softecsol's ID card accessories and printing service have been invaluable to our college. Their range of ID card accessories is extensive, ensuring that we can meet our security and identification needs with ease. The quality of their ID card printing service is top-notch. Our ID cards not only look professional but also withstand daily wear and tear.What sets Softecsol apart is their exceptional customer support. Whenever we've had questions or needed assistance, their team has been responsive and knowledgeable. They truly understand the unique challenges faced by educational institutions and go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction.In summary, Softecsol is a reliable partner for colleges and educational institutions. Their School Management Software is a game-changer, simplifying administrative tasks, and their ID card accessories and printing service are of the highest quality. I wholeheartedly recommend Softecsol to any institution seeking top-tier solutions in School Management Software and ID card services. They have certainly made our college operations smoother and more efficient.Thank you, Softecsol, for your exceptional products and services!